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Is Travel Appeal for hotels only?

No. Travel Appeal has 4 dedicated products:
– for Hospitality: Hotels, B & B, Chains and Groups, Campsites, Agritourisms etc;
– for Restaurants: Restaurants, Restaurant Chains, Bars etc;
– for Museums: Museums, Cultural and Tourist Attractions;
– for Destinations: Territories and Tourist Destinations.

How do I sign up to Travel Appeal?

You can sign up here: by entering your email address.
Then enter the name and website of the structure you wish to monitor.
In case you don’t have a website, you can add your TripAdvisor,, Facebook… page address.
Within 48 hours the system will process your data; from then on, you can start using Travel Appeal

When can I see my structure data?

Within 48 hours after the input of your structure data. Timing may vary, depending on the traffic data.
From then on, Travel Appeal will update your data in real time.

How do I register more than one structure?

Registration to Travel Appeal guarantees you a forever FREE version of the business you register first.
Additional businesses require a subscription purchase.

How do I keep my competitors in check?

With the FREE version of Travel Appeal you can monitor one competitor, 10 with the Pro version, 20 with the Premium version and up to 100 with the Enterprise version.
To add a competitor – if you haven’t done it yet -, log in to Travel Appeal, then click on ‘Settings’ on the left menu and choose ‘Competitor’ from the horizontal menu.
Your competitor/s data will be available within 48 hours.

What is included in the FREE version?

You will find all the details on the FREE version and on tools and features available with the subscription on the “Pricing” page.

Can I take a free trial of Travel Appeal full version?

Yes! You can try the PRO version of Travel Appeal free for 30 days!
Register and enter your structure data, log in to Travel Appeal and click on the ‘Switch to PRO’ upper right button, then on ‘Try the free version for 30 days.’
Your credit card or Paypal data are required, but no costs will be charged, and you’re free to cancel your subscription at any time, or after the 30 days trial.

How many facilities can I monitor with a PRO, PREMIUM or ENTERPRISE subscription?

You can monitor one facility for each subscription.
The difference between subscriptions refers to available data and features. Find all information on “Pricing” page.

I registered more than one structure on my Travel Appeal account, but I can only access the data of the first structure I registered because I’m using the FREE version. Is it possible to choose which structure to monitor for free?

No, because the system automatically sets the FREE version for the first structure you entered. Additional structures require a subscription purchase.

What is the TAI Score?

The TAI Score (Travel Appeal Index Score) is the overall rating of your structure on the web.
It is calculated by analyzing all the reviews on all the web channels and the quality, optimization and management of your website and your social channels.
The TAI Score improves with the improving of the management, optimization and performance of all the web channels where your structure is present. The TAI score is updated daily and is always calculated on an annual basis.

What is Sentiment? What’s the difference between it and the TAI Score?

Sentiment is the result of the semantic analysis of reviews and indicates the opinions and perception that customers have of your structure (so how their opinions and perception will influence other potential customers).
The TAI Score is the overall rating and includes Sentiment and the management and performance of your online activities (if you reply to reviews, if you take care of your Facebook page, the positioning of your website on search engines etc.).
The Sentiment score is the result of the semantic analysis of all the reviews and posts on social networks, and is influenced by:
– the time elapsed since the publication of the review (the older it is, the less influence it will have on the overall score);
– the most often mentioned topics in reviews (eg., if many people write reviews about your staff, the influence of this topic will be greater than less discussed ones);
– the connotation of adjectives, adverbs and verbs used in reviews (eg.: “beautiful”, “terrible”, “missing”, “comfortable”, “kind”, “small”, “working” etc.) Each word will have a weight based on its degree of positivity/negativity.

Why hasn’t the analysis of my website, pricing and social pages been updated?

These features are not available in the FREE version of Travel Appeal. To have access to them you can either:
1. purchase a Travel Appeal PRO (or PREMIUM, or ENTERPRISE) subscription;
2. activate a FREE 30-DAY TRIAL version. To do that, log in to Travel Appeal, click on the ‘Switch to PRO’ upper right button, then on ‘Try the free version for 30 days.’
Your credit card or Paypal data are required, but no costs will be charged, and you will be free to cancel your subscription at any time, or after the 30 days trial.

Why is the score of review channels (e.g. Tripadvisor,…) different from the Travel Appeal score?

Because Travel Appeal score is much more accurate, and gives you a very faithful image of your business, built through online reviews. Our algorithm takes many aspects into account:
– the TAI score is on annual basis and factors in the time elapsed since the publication of a review (an eleven-months old, negative review has less value if compared with a four-months old positive review);
– we elaborate a semantic analysis on reviews contents (namely on the text of posts and reviews) in addition to customers rating (stars, balls etc.);
– we take into consideration the populosity of web channels (a populated channel with many reviews and posts has far more appeal than a deserted channel with no/insufficient/old contents);
– we analyze the management/optimization of web channels by, for example, evaluating whether and how people answer to reviews.

How is the average price of hotel rooms calculated?

Travel Appeal collects data on double rooms availability and rates from, then calculates, on a daily basis and up to three months, the average room price per night and the amount of occupied/available rooms.
Travel Appeal doesn’t detect data from types of rooms other than double.

I forgot my password, how can I retrieve it?

Click on “Password Forgotten/Not Set” on the login page and follow the instructions.

How do I manage my email notifications?

Log in to Travel Appeal and choose ‘Notification Settings’ from the top right menu, then choose the frequency and type of notifications.

Can I report possible inaccuracies in the semantic analysis?

Yes you can, by clicking on the small hammer icon placed under the reviews.
Reported errors will be analyzed and corrected within a few days by training the semantic engine not to repeat the same error.
After the correction the system automatically updates your Travel Appeal score.

Can I give collaborators the access to my Travel Appeal structure data?

Yes, you can. Depending on your subscription, you can add some partners who will be able to access data and assign them tasks.
Simply log in to Travel Appeal, then click on the ‘Settings’ menu on the left, choose ‘Users management’ from the horizontal menu and follow the instructions.

How can I switch between monitored review/social channels? How can I activate a new one?

To switch between monitored review/social channels or activate a new one (eg. Tripadvisor, Expedia, Twitter, Facebook etc.), go to the “Settings” menu on the left, choose “Review Channels” or “Social Channels “, click “Suggest change” or “Suggest link”, then paste the address of the website you want to switch to/activate.

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