Mirko Lalli

Founder & CEO

Alessio Schiavelli


Leonardo Piras


Mario Romanelli

Head of Sales Italy

Francesco Terzini

Creative Director

Giulio Muratori

Communication Designer

Valentina Ciabattini

HR Manager

Hampus Ljunggren

International Strategy

Erwin Hoevenaar

Sales Director Europe

Pier Federico Alfani

Accounting & Finance Controller

Pasquale Stroia

Senior Analyst

Marco Bronzi

Head of UX

Martina Tabani

Marketing & Sales

Emma Agostini

Marketing & Sales

Claudia Marotta

Sales, Marketing & Events

Giulia Gosnell Carmignani

Marketing Specialist


Marketing&Events Specialist


Graphic Designer

Tech Team

Jacopo Cappelli

Solutions Architect

Riccardo Ricci

Senior AI analyst

Andrea Mazza

Data Provisioning

Matteo Spampani

Software Engineer

Alberto Bini

Software Engineer

Andrea Martini

Full Stack Developer

Alessio Melani

Software Engineer

Tommaso Garuglieri

Full Stack Developer

Matteo Lomi

Mobile Developer

Giuseppe Diciolla

Mobile Developer

Niki Lopes

Jr. Developer

Alessandro Mancini

Data Scientist

Nicoletta La Greca

Jr Data Scientist

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A reality where you can show enthusiasm and spirit of innovation at work, in a climate of sharing ideas and skills. A place where

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